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21 Reasons

Why is JSA different? I hope this information will answer that question. We feel we must strive to provide the finest service possible in order for you to want to do business with us. It is as important to have "the right attitude" as it is to have the right products. We strive to make it a pleasure to do business with us and we hope our efforts are succeeding. We truly believe that "we are in business because of you," and we shall never forget that.

I hope that this information will let you realize that JSA is different than most excess and surplus lines brokers and the difference is a positive one. Of course, I always welcome your feedback. If you find that JSA is not living up to what we say, let me know. Thanks for taking the time to review the following information and I know that you will discover "why JSA is different."

Sincerely, Wayne Sumner, President of Jackson Sumner & Associates

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  1. We are in business because of you; not vice versa.
  2. We write what your Standard Companies will not.
  3. Retail & Wholesale Never the Twain Shall Meet
  4. We are Telephone Oriented
  5. Call us Before you Send an Application!
  6. Policy Issued Within 24 Hours
  7. Binders
  8. People you Know, People you Trust
  9. JSA is Here to Stay
  10. Our Underwriting Staff
  11. Who Pays for our Mistakes? We Do!
  12. We Might have the Edge
  13. Back to our Staff for a Minute
  14. Size isn't Everything - Is Bigger Better?
  15. Small Agencies are Big Business with us!
  16. Delivering Our Product
  17. We Love Answering Questions
  18. No Money Down
  19. How we Handle Renewals
  20. A Website that Works for you 24/7
  21. You bet we'll Return your Call!
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This program is only available to properly licensed retail insurance offices
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