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Cargo Insurance Quote - Step 1 of 3

We have recently added new underwriting questions and a new application to this cargo program. If you have any questions on these changes please call Tommy Hefner.

Please answer the following questions for a cargo insurance quote.
Your Information
Agent Name:
Note: This is the name of the agent requesting the quote, NOT the agency name.
Agency Name:
Agency Phone: - -
Commodity Availability If any of the following commodities are hauled please contact Lindsey Sheets at 800-342-5572. For a list of available commodities click here.
  • Household Goods and Office Furniture / Movers
  • Money / Securities / Checks / Bullion
  • Rigging
  • Swinging Meats
  • Copper
Applicant Information
Applicant Name:
Applicant ZIP Code:
Years in Business:
(under current authority)
Please Note: New ventures, with prior experience, requesting coverage on more than 2 units are not eligible for this program.
Please Note: New ventures without prior experience are not eligible for this program.
Is Great American Insurance Company the expiring or current carrier? 
Is the applicant domiciled within a 50 mile radius of the following cities, and/or is cargo transported to or from any of the following cities more than 10 times per calendar year?
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York City, NY
  • Newark, NJ
Has the policy / coverage been cancelled or non-renewed in the past 3 years? 
Has applicant filed bankruptcy in the past 3 years? 
Has applicant had authority under a different name in the past 3 years? 
Are any units rented on a short term basis?  
Does the insured act as a household goods or office moving company?  
Does applicant ever leave loaded trailers detached from power units? 
Does applicant ever leave loaded trailers unattended? 
Are any units pickup trucks that do not haul automobiles? 
Does the insured primarily haul their own goods? 
Is an Additional Insured Needed? 

Coverage Desired
Select a Limit of Insurance for Any One Vehicle:
(Please note that if more than 1 vehicle, the Limit Any One Loss is twice the Limit on any One Vehicle)
Select a Deductible:
Is Refrigeration Breakdown (Spoilage Coverage) desired? 
Is Pollutant Clean Up and Removal coverage desired? 
Is the Additional Coverages Plus Endorsement desired?  
Is Owner's Good's Extension coverage desired? 
Is Non-Owned Container and Trailer Interchange coverage desired? 

AAMGA Member NAPSLO Member
This program is only available to properly licensed retail insurance offices
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