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Important Notice! Please verify the information below for a new quote for this risk. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-342-5572.

Basic Information
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Note: This is the name of the agent requesting the quote, NOT the agency name.
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GL Information
Which state will the event be held in?
Limits desired:
Number of Additional Insureds:
Host Liquor Needed: (What is host liquor?)
"Host Liquor" is an insurance industry term that is used but not actually defined in the policy. The CG0001 (GL Coverage Form) contains a Liquor Liability exclusion, as you know, and "this exclusion applies only if you are in the business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages." Therefore, you must decide if the risk is "in the business of" to determine if you have a "Host Liquor" exposure or if you have a Liquor Liability exposure. If you decide that "Host Liquor" is needed, the above exclusion will still apply. If you decide that "Host Liquor" is not needed, a credit will be given and a Total Liquor Liability Exclusion will be added to the quote.
Need Liquor Liability coverage for your event?
Click here and complete this application for a GL and Liquor Liability Package quote.

Event Information
Classification of event:
Can't find your event? Call JSA at 1-800-342-5572 as we write many more classes of events in-house such as corn mazes and haunted houses. We can also handle your prize indemnification needs on event like hole in one competitions.
Number of set-up days:
Number of take-down days:
Number of event days:
Attendance per day:
Earliest start time of any event day:
Latest closing time of any event day:
Desired effective date of policy:
Are setup, take-down, and event days consecutive?  
Is BYOB allowed at the event?  
Will overnight accommodations be provided?  

Third Party Coverage
Will there be private security at the event?
Private security does not include off-duty Police/Sheriff.
Will there be fireworks at the event?  
Will there be amusement rides or devices at the event?  
Will there be alcoholic beverages sold at the event?  

Loss Information
Number of losses within the last 3 years:
If number of losses is greater than zero, please specify the total amount of loss: $