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The JSA Hit List

While JSA can write over 1,000 different classes of business, we have better success at some than others. Here is our most current list of accounts we've recently bound, or our "Hit List" as we like to refer to it as. Remember, just because you don't see something on these lists, doesn't mean we can't do it or aren't competitive at it. It just means we haven't bound one recently.

Updated May 2nd, 2017

Most Common Risks

  • Builders Risk -- Residential & Commercial (Property)
  • Commercial Auto -- Contractor Vehicles, Limo's, Medical & School Transport, Taxis, Trucking Risks (Auto Liab, GL, Physical Damage, Cargo - NC Only)
  • Contractors -- Artisans*, GC's, Plumbers, Property Preservationists, Roofers, Etc. (GL)
  • Convenience Stores/Gas Stations (GL, Property, Liquor, Pollution)
  • Cyber Liability/Data Breach -- Standalone or Packaged
  • Excess Liability/Umbrella -- Personal & Commercial
  • Garage -- Auto Dealers, Service & Repair Shops (Garage Liability, Garage Keepers, Dealers Open Lot)
  • Habitational -- Apartments, Hotels/Motels, Rental Dwellings, Student Housing, Vacants (GL, Property)
  • Home/Condo Owners Associations (GL, Property, D&O)
  • Inland Marine -- Contractors Equip, Logging Equip, Miscellaneous Tools
  • Manufacturing Risks (GL, Products)
  • Mobile Home Parks (GL)
  • Ocean Marine - Docks/Marinas, Boat Dealers, Cargo, Boat/Marine Products Manufacturers, Marine Special Events, Shipyards
  • Pollution Liability -- Contractors Pollution Liability, Mold Remediation, Restoration Contractors, Storage Tanks, Etc.
  • Professional Liability -- Allied Medical, D&O, E&O, Miscellaneous, Etc.
  • Restaurants/Bars/Microbreweries/Wineries (GL, Property, Liquor)
  • Special Events -- Online Quoting of Over 95 Classes! (GL, Liquor)
  • Standalone Cargo -- Autos, Building Materials/Lumber, Department Store Goods, Machinery, Refrigerated Property (Property)
  • Standalone Physical Damage -- Church Buses, Day Care Vans, Dump Trucks, Logging Trucks, Tractor/Trailers, Etc.

Personal Lines Top 10

  1. Homeowners (HO3, HO4, HO6)
  2. Personal Umbrella
  3. Dwelling Fire (DP1, DP3)
  4. Comprehensive Personal Liability
  5. In-Home Business
  6. Contents in Storage
  7. Personal Jewelry
  8. Collections (Art, Guns, Wine, Musical Instruments, etc.)
  9. Hearing Aids
  10. Golf Cart Physical Damage
* Quote these and many other risks online at jsausa.com/quote

Most Unusual Risks

  • Basketball/Poetry Literacy Program for Kids (GL)
  • Controlled-Burn Operation (GL)
  • Cool Sculpting and Micro-Blading for Eyebrows (GL)
  • Crossword Puzzle Creator (GL)
  • Exotic Pet Store/Pet-Sitting Service (GL)
  • Happy Car Amusement Vehicle (GL, Inland Marine)
  • Hydraulic Lift for Bridge Repairs (GL, Excess Liab)
  • Mobile Photo Booth (GL)
  • Poison Detection Kit Manufacturer (GL, Property)
  • School Bus Converted to Tow Truck (Auto Liab)
  • Short-Term Snow Plowing Operation (Auto Liab, GL)
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