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How To Get A Quote From JSA

In order to provide top quality service to our customers, JSA provides five different ways for agents to get a quote:

  1. Telephone - Most classes can be quoted with just a telephone call. We encourage you to call us before sending an application, because we may be able to give an immediate telephone quote, saving you time and providing service to you the agent. To reach anyone with JSA, please call 1-800-342-5572.
  2. On-Line - On our web site you will find a category labeled Quote Online. If you see the appropriate coverage for your desired risk, please follow the instructions in each program. Each program will allow you to submit your quote for binding approval online. The programs will also generate all needed applications. The information will automatically be sent to the appropriate underwriter, who will then contact you for further information if needed. Binders are emailed to producing agents within 15 minutes if a risk is approved allowing you to move on to the next piece of business quickly!
  3. E-mail - If you would rather e-mail submissions to our underwriters, please feel free. All e-mail addresses can be found under the category labeled Meet the Underwriters. Each underwriters' position and specialties are also listed in order to help you decide whom to send the e-mail to. Once this is completed, an underwriter will contact you with a quote unless further information is needed. We strive to quote all submissions with 24 hours however if you need it rushed don't hesitate to ask. We also have a centralized submission email address where you can send all email address: submit@jsausa.com.
  4. Fax - We understand that some submissions may be to large to quote over the phone so feel free to fax any risks that have large schedules or parameters. The fax will be sent to the appropriate underwriter and then they will contact you with a quote unless further information is needed. Fax all submissions to 1-828-262-0754.
  5. Mail - Our mailbox is always open if none of the above methods suit your fancy. As stated before, if you have quite a bit of information to send us, please feel free to mail it to our service center at P.O. Box 2540 Boone, N.C. 28607.
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