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2018 Thanksgiving Arcade Game Announced

//2018 Thanksgiving Arcade Game Announced

2018 Thanksgiving Arcade Game Announced

New Thanksgiving Arcade Game is Announced: HangWayne!

The 2018 addition to the JSA Arcade is now available! Every year, our IT Department works on a new video game for your enjoyment, and this year it is an instant classic; it’s Hang Wayne! It has all the fun of Hangman mixed with your knowledge of vegan nutritional fare,…it’s Hang Wayne! featuring our CEO and founder, Wayne Sumner. (We love him, we really do! Seriously, who else would let us do THIS?)

Wayne traveled back to the 1890’s and got into trouble in the Oklahoma Territory looking for vegan food. They don’t take kindly to vegans in those parts. Help save him from the hangman’s knot!

Ready to get to the action?

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