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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login? What is a Broker Number? 2019-10-01T13:45:01+00:00

User Names and Passwords are specific to each agent or employee in your office. You can request a user name and password by going to https://www.jsausa.com/agent-password/ or you can always call us at 1-800-342-5572 if you have questions.

Your broker number can be found on any invoice from JSA. It is a 6 digit number that begins with “9”. Do not use the preceding zero.

Does JSA write Workers Compensation? 2019-08-05T08:14:04+00:00

We can now say YES! We have a special Artisan Contractors GL & Workers Comp Program HERE.

What am I required to do to ensure I am technically prepared for the actual class? 2018-10-12T10:59:53+00:00

Once you have been approved to register for the course, you will receive an email with a link to our demo class. We ask that you please take this quick, informative demo class to prepare for a seamless experience for the actual class. This demo class will test adequate internet access for streaming video, working audio output, and enough bandwidth in your office.

When and how will I get my certificate? 2018-10-12T10:59:50+00:00

Once you enter the numbers correctly that were presented to you during the class, you will receive a link to download your certificate.  If you forget to print your certificate at this time, it is available when you log back in the portal. JSA does not maintain or have access to students’ certificate.

When will my credits be filed? 2018-10-12T10:59:43+00:00

We will file within a week after successful completion of the class.

What are the officials requirements for me to earn my online CE credit? 2018-10-12T10:59:38+00:00

The North Carolina Department of Insurance requires active participation from all attendees in order to obtain online CE credit. This will be verified throughout the course by two-digit numbers that will be shown on your screen. Immediately following course completion, you will take a short “quiz” in which these numbers will need to be provided in the order they appeared. This will ensure that you were an active participant, and were in attendance throughout the entire duration.

What is the attendance policy? 2018-10-12T10:59:33+00:00

The North Carolina Department of Insurance requires all participants are signed on at the start of class. If you are not signed on by the time the course starts, the DOI may choose not to give you credit. They also require participants to stay signed in for the duration of the class. Our system maintains all sign-in and sign-off times.

How many credits will I get? 2018-10-12T10:59:20+00:00

The class is filed for 3 credit hours.

Who do I contact for technical support? 2018-10-12T10:58:59+00:00

If you need technical support before the class, please email all questions to ce@jsausa.com.

While class is in session, please use our Live Chat feature located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will ensure that you are able to see and record the numbers that appear in the video.

Who do I contact for questions regarding any material covered during class? 2018-10-12T10:58:50+00:00

While class is in session, please use our Live Chat feature located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, which will be answered by one of our instructors.

Can multiple students view the class together on one computer? 2018-10-12T10:58:36+00:00

No. The class is available for individual viewing only. Group viewing is prohibited.

Do I have to be employed by an agency to register? 2018-10-12T10:58:14+00:00

Yes. You must have an active broker code with JSA to register for this course. The broker number is that of your agency and is found on any JSA Invoice. It is a 6 digit number that begins with “9”. Do not use the preceding zero.

How much does it cost to take this class? 2018-10-12T10:58:03+00:00

JSA is happy to offer this class at no cost to you. This class is free.

Can I issue a certificate in my office for a policy written with JSA? 2017-08-11T22:53:52+00:00

Please remember that JSA is unable to grant binding or representational authority to retail agents.  We go to great lengths to provide superior service and this includes issuing certificates of insurance in a timely manner, including instantly from our website – click here to request a certificate . If you choose to issue certificates or evidence of insurance, JSA bears no responsibility for the accuracy of such documents.  If JSA receives a certificate or evidence of insurance issued by a retail agent, we will not check the document for accuracy and it will not be deemed as a request to modify coverage.  Any request to modify coverage must be submitted in writing to JSA for advanced written approval.  Submission of a certificate or evidence of insurance to our office does not constitute approval of the certificate or evidence of insurance.

How do I pay? 2017-08-11T22:52:50+00:00

There are 4 ways that you can pay for a policy written with Jackson Sumner & Associates:

1) Mail us an Agency Check

You can mail us an agency check to: PO Box 2540, Boone, NC 28607

2) Pay Online

Login to “Agency Portal”, click the “Pay Online” button at the top, and enter the policy number you want to pay the balance for.  This option is for payment by checking account or savings account.     You can pay the full amount due, or a partial payment – such as a down payment.  A receipt will be emailed to the email address provided as soon as the transaction is complete.     The account balance will instantly be updated.

3) Pay over the Phone

Call 800-342-5572 to pay over the phone with an Agency Check.

4) Finance the Premium

JSA Premium Financing is available on most accounts written through Jackson Sumner &  Associates in NC, SC & VA.  To get a finance agreement, visit JSA Premium Finance’s webpage. We do accept outside financing as well.  No matter what finance company you use – be sure to  send us a copy of the finance agreement for our file.

Please Be Advised
  • No matter what method of payment you choose, you keep your commission out before you send us the net amount.
  • JSA cannot accept payment direct from insureds.
Does JSA have to receive payment for a policy before they will bind it? 2017-08-10T20:27:01+00:00

No, JSA does not need the money in our hand before we will bind a policy for you. Once we get the request to bind from you, you will have 17 days to send us an agency check for the policy amount less commission. Please note that your office is responsible for payment to JSA regardless if your insured pays you.

How do I get my policy? 2017-08-10T20:21:51+00:00

All policies, binders and endorsements issued are available online. While part of this is in an effort for JSA to be more green we’ve also heard that this is what many of you want. We know that many of our agents have gone paperless and we hope this will help your workflow. However, we also know that many agents are not paperless or still want a hard copy of the policy to send to the insured. That is why we still give you the option to choose for us to print and mail you a copy, if you’d like.


  • Agents choose if they still want us to mail them a copy
  • All policies are issued and available within 24 hours of binding
  • Policies are available 24/7 on our secured servers
  • PDF format

As soon as a policy, binder or endorsement is issued we will send an email with the document attached as well as a link to see it online.

Need a Hard Copy Mailed to you?
No problem! If you would like a copy printed and mailed to you, please reply to the email you received and we will be more than happy to mail you a copy.

Do I need a user name and password for the JSA website? 2017-08-09T17:16:05+00:00

Our website requires a user name and password for requesting certificates of insurance, accessing the policy downloads section and paying online. Otherwise, no password is required to quote risks on our website.

How do I become a Broker of JSA? 2017-08-04T08:47:22+00:00

In order to be approved to write business through JSA, you will need to complete and sign the JSA Producer Agreement,  Agency Info Form, carry E&O with minimum limits of $1,000,000, and be properly licensed in your state. A broker number will be assigned to your agency once the completed documents and E&O have been submitted, reviewed and approved. Please note, JSA does not appoint brokers.

If you do not know if you or your agency are set up to do business with JSA, call us at 1-800-342-5572 or email angelag@jsausa.com.

Does JSA write Bonds? 2017-08-04T08:45:28+00:00


What do I need to do to file a claim with JSA? 2017-08-04T08:44:22+00:00

Fax or email us an Acord Loss Notice to claims@jsausa.com. Click here to start the process of reporting a claim. You may also send police reports, etc. if available.

How do I view a policy’s Open Balance? 2017-07-11T11:49:57+00:00

Once you login to view your policies, you’ll notice a box on the right that gives you the current open balance for the policy you’re viewing. This
balance is updated in real time.

No more guessing if we got the check you mailed or if that latest invoice ever got paid. Check this box to see if there is any outstanding balance on a policy.

*Please note this box is the Net amount due to JSA and does not reflect the Gross amount the insured may owe you.

Is JSA Premium Finance the same as Jackson Sumner & Associates? 2017-06-17T20:09:22+00:00

No, JSA Premium Finance is a separate company from Jackson Sumner & Associates. They have their own phone number: 866-567-1401. To get information, such as payment amounts and due dates, you’ll need to call Chris Martin at this number. The only connection between Jackson Sumner & Associates and JSA Premium Finance is that JSA Premium Finance will only finance policies written through Jackson Sumner & Associates.

Can I add an endorsement premium to an existing JSA premium finance agreement? 2017-06-17T20:08:41+00:00

Yes. You will need to give Chris Martin a call (866-567-1404) so she can get it set up. A new finance agreement will need to be signed. This is not something that can be done on the JSA Premium Finance website.

Does JSA need the original application? 2017-05-06T14:55:54+00:00

JSA does not need original applications. Faxed or emailed copies are sufficient.

In which states can JSA write business? 2017-05-05T14:04:30+00:00

Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

Do I have to send a copy of a certificate I processed on your website back to you for your files? 2017-05-05T13:54:49+00:00

No. When you process a certificate on our website, it automatically attaches a copy of that certificate to our file.

Can I put all policies (Facility, Cargo, GL, Property, etc) under one finance agreement with JSA Premium Finance? 2017-05-05T12:55:29+00:00

Yes, as long as they are all written through JSA. Make sure to include all premiums, fees, and taxes for each policy when setting up the finance agreement.

Do I keep my commission or will JSA send it later? 2017-05-05T12:19:04+00:00

You can keep your commission before sending in payment. It is calculated off the base premium. The amount shown on the invoice due to JSA is the total amount less your commission. If for some reason you do not keep your commission out before you send payment in, JSA will return your commission to you.

When will I get my renewal quote? 2017-05-04T16:04:14+00:00

We aim to get our renewal quotes out 30 days before the renewal expiration date, however please remember it is your responsibility to maintain your own renewal expiration list. There are a few exceptions where we might be waiting on a required application or waiting on the company to send us a quote. With these we will get the quote out as soon as we can.

What are broker premium requirements? 2017-05-04T16:01:03+00:00

JSA does not have any premium volume requirements. We are here for you if you need us 1 day a year or 10 times a week.

More questions? Ask our expert underwriters.

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