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Pamela Church
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Some of my highlights

  • Nicknames: Annie Oakley
  • Favorite Sport to Watch: Basketball
  • Favorite Sports Team: Tarheels
  • Favorite Candy: Snickers or Take 5
  • Favorite Flower: Blue hydrangea
  • Best advice you can give someone: Love all, trust few, do wrong to none (Shakespeare)
Raised in the wonderful mountains of Watauga and Ashe counties, Pamela chose a nice little niche in Ashe as her hide-away. She has 2 wonderful sons who also live within the county which makes visiting her darling grand-children, Jojo, Sidney, and Jacob much easier.
Pamela enjoys a very small farm consisting of feathered and furry, with a horse milling about being spoiled. She has 4 dogs: Cisco, Gypsy, Socrates, and Piglet. She loves reading, drives along country roads, and getting into innocent trouble with friends and family. Pamela has been with JSA since early 2017.