Rental Property Coverage of AirBNBs and more

//Rental Property Coverage of AirBNBs and more

Rental Property Coverage of AirBNBs and more

Rental Property Coverage of AirBNBs and more

When Airbnb (and VRBO and other online rental services) first hit the US, there were few rules and even fewer protections for either renters or property owners. Today, there are 660,000 properties listed on Airbnb in the US alone, and the company is now used in 190 countries worldwide. That is a tremendous amount of exposure for “hosts” that list their property as rentals.

Jackson Sumner & Associates can help provide coverage for risks of rentals of ALL kinds. We can write coverage for a room or floor of a primary home that is occupied by the insured, or for rental dwellings that are second homes primarily occupied by others a majority of the year. We offer the convenience of online tools to get a quote, generate an app, and bind the policy to all our agency customers.

  • How is the residence occupied?
    • Does the insured live there full-time (HO-3), or is it a separate property from their primary home (DP-3)?
  • How many days per year is it rented in general?
    • If more than 50%, even if it’s a “primary” residence, we may want to consider it a DP-3
  • Details of the dwelling itself:
  • Loss history
  • Values
  • Year built
  • Size of dwelling and property
  • Smoke detectors/sprinkler system on the premises?
  • Coverage history
  • Read the exclusions carefully and be sure the insured fully understands them. Most of the policies JSA can provide will exclude theft of most valuables and collectibles.

Get a quote and bind your DP-3 policy online (NC and Virginia only) HERE

For SC and Georgia DP-3 risks – fill out THIS APP

For HO-3 risks, use THIS APP

To speak to a JSA specialist in this area, contact Michelle or Cheyennaand they’ll be able to help you find the right coverage for your insured’s rental requirements.

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