Artisan WC and GL Classifications

//Artisan WC and GL Classifications
Artisan WC and GL Classifications 2020-01-03T16:30:02+00:00

Announcing Exclusive New GL & Workers Comp Program

Feet-on-the-ground artisan contractors with small crews need Workers Compensation coverage, too.

With JSA’s unique expertise, we are able to bring together GL and Workers Comp normally reserved only for large operations to the small, artisan contractor business.

A wide variety of classes are included in the program.

More About This Program
Cheyenna Sturgill
Cheyenna SturgillP&C Underwriter

Prior to, or while filling out the online quote, if you have any questions please contact Cheyenna at 800-342-5572 or

Current Classifications Available

91111 Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment-installation, servicing, or repair
91127 Alarm & Alarm Systems-installation, servicing, or repair-no monitoring and no medical, hospital, financial, or correctional institution related work
91150 Appliances & Accessories-installation, servicing, or repair-commercial
91155 Appliances & Accessories-installation, servicing, or repair-household
91175 Auctioneers-livestock-sales conducted away from the insured’s premises-including Products and/or Completed Operations
91177 Auctioneers-sales conducted away from the insured’s premises-including Products and/or Completed Operations
91179 Auctioneers-on premises owned or rented by the insured-including Products and/or Completed Operations
91200 Blacksmithing-No welding-including Products and/or Completed Operations
91340 Carpentry-construction of residential property not exceeding 3 stories in height-no pollution abatement
91341 Carpentry-interior-no pollution abatement
91342 Carpentry-NOC-no pollution abatement
91343 Carpentry-shop only-no pollution abatement
91405 Carpet, Rug, Furniture, or Upholstery Cleaning-on customer’s premises-including Products and/or Completed Operations
91436 Ceiling or Wall Installation-metal
91523 Cleaning Outside of Buildings with Water or Steam by Pressure Apparatus
91560 Concrete Construction
91577 Conduit Construction for Cables or Wires-no work in sewers, tunnels, underground mines, subways, caissons, cofferdams, or similar type risks
91629 Debris Removal-construction site
91746 Door, Window, or Assembled Millwork-installation, service or repair-metal
92215 Driveway, Parking Area, or Sidewalk-paving or repaving
92338 Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation
92451 Electrical Apparatus-installation, servicing, or repair-NOC-no line construction
92478 Electrical Work-within buildings
94007 Excavation-no railroad, bridge, canal, tunnel, or dam construction-no boring under streets or roads, removal of underground fuel storage units, river channeling, mining, work on landfills
94276 Fence Erection Contractors
94304 Fire Extinguishers-servicing, refilling, or testing
94381 Fire Suppression Systems-installation, servicing, or repair-no sprinkler or halon systems
94569 Floor Covering Installation-not ceramic, tile, or stone
95124 Furniture or Fixtures-installation in offices or stores-portable-metal or wood
95410 Grading of Land
95487 Greenhouse Erection
95505 Guniting or Shot-Crete
98884 Gutter Installation rated as Sheet Metal Work – outside – not roofing
95625 Handyperson
95647 Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment-installation, servicing, or repair-no LPG
95648 Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment-installation, servicing, or repair-with LPG
96053 House Furnishings Installation-NOC
96408 Insulation Work-plastic-NOC
96409 Insulation Work-organic or plastic in solid state
96410 Insulation Work-mineral
96611 Interior Decorators
96816 Janitorial Services-No floor waxing. No cleaning in establishments that are open 24 hours a day-including Products and/or Completed Operations
97047 Landscape Gardening-including Products and/or Completed Operations
97050 Lawn Care Services-including Products and/or Completed Operations
97447 Masonry
98502 Mobile Home Setup and Tie-down on Prepared Site and Hookup to Existing Utility Services-no site preparation-not dealers not manufacturers rated as Prefabricated Building Erection
98111 Office Machines or Appliances-installation, inspection, adjustment, or repair-including Products and/or Completed Operations
98304 Painting-exterior-buildings or structures-3 stories or less in height-NOC
98305 Painting-interior-buildings or structures
98308 Painting-shop only
98344 Paperhanging
98405 Piano Tuning-including Products and/or Completed Operations
98449 Plastering or Stucco Work – No EIFS
98482 Plumbing-commercial and industrial
98483 Plumbing-residential or domestic
98636 Refrigeration Systems or Equipment-installation, servicing, or repair-commercial
98805 Septic Tank Systems-cleaning
98806 Septic Tank Systems-installation, servicing, or repair
98813 Sewer Cleaning
98884 Sheet Metal Work-outside-not roofing
98967 Siding Installation
99003 Sign Painting or Lettering-inside of buildings
99080 Solar Energy Contractors
99471 Surveyors-land-not engaged in actual construction-including Products and/or Completed Operations
99505 Swimming Pool Servicing-including Products and/or Completed Operations
99506 Swimming Pools-installation, servicing or repair-above ground-including Products and/or Completed Operations
99507 Swimming Pools-installation, servicing or repair-below ground-including Products and/or Completed Operations
99613 Telephone, Telegraph, or Cable Television Line Construction-no pole erection
99650 Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair
99746 Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic, or Terrazzo Work-interior construction
99826 Upholstering-NOC
99827 Upholstering-shop only
99948 Water Softening Equipment-installation, servicing, or repair