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The JSA Hit List

While JSA can write over 1,000 different classes of business, we have better success at some than others. Here is our most current list of accounts we’ve recently bound, or our “Hit List” as we like to refer to it as. Remember, just because you don’t see something on these lists, doesn’t mean we can’t do it or aren’t competitive at it. It just means we haven’t bound one recently.

Updated January 30th, 2018

Trending Now

  • Bakeries (GL, Prop)

  • Floral Shops (GL, Prop)

  • Liquor Liability– Stand-alone and Package

  • Personal Lines- Homeowners (HO3HO4HO6, DP3), Personal Umbrella, Hearing Aids, Golf Cart Physical Damage

  • Restaurants/Bars/Craft Breweries/Wineries (GL, Property, Liquor)

  • Special Events — Online Quoting of Over 95 Classes! (GL, Liquor)

  • Trucking for Hire (Auto Liab, Phys Dmg, Cargo, Truckers GL)

Recent Successes

  • Contractors – Artisans*, GC’s (GL)

  • Contractor Vehicles (Auto Liab, Phys Dmg)

  • Excess Liability/Umbrella — Personal & Commercial

  • Habitational—Apartments, Hotels/Motels, Rental Dwellings, Student Housing, Vacant Properties (GL, Property)

  • Inland Marine—Contractors Equip, Farming Equip, Logging Equip

  • Lessors Risk Only (GL, Property)

  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport (Auto Liab, Phys Dmg)

  • Public Auto- Taxis, Limos (Auto Dmg, Phys Dmg)

Most Unusual Risks

  • 80K Allman Brothers Collection

  • Aerial Silks Instructor (GL)

  • Hookah Bar (GL, Liquor Liab, and Property)

  • Lice Treatment Clinic (Inland Marine)

  • Opossum Fur Coat (Inland Marine)

  • Prosthetic Legs (Inland Marine)

  • Recycled Empty Brass Bullet Casings (GL)

  • Smash Rooms (GL)

  • Yellow School Bus Converted to a Motor-Home (Auto Liab)

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