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Thanksgiving Arcade

JSA is closed for Thanksgiving, but the arcade is open! Our programmers took a break, from the normal routines of dereferencing null pointers, to bring you these fine games. We hope you enjoy and get the high score!

Farmer Danielle!

Help Farmer Danielle gather her turkeys for the big JSA Thanksgiving Feast! Be careful not to leave her property since it is turkey season!

Play Farmer Danielle!

Hang Wayne

Wayne traveled back to the 1890’s and got into trouble in the Oklahoma Territory looking for vegan food. They don’t take kindly to vegans in those parts. Help save him from the hangman’s knot!

Play Hang Wayne

Flappy Wayne

Flap your way to a full vegan and gluten free Thanksgiving meal. Help feed our winged Founder & Chairman of the Board, Wayne Sumner, delicious vegan and gluten free food while flying him through pipes!

Play Flappy Wayne

Vegan Food Match

Create an amazing Thanksgiving feast for Wayne by matching the food-cards. He is depending on you to be the best! Get the high score and win his admiration forever.

Play Vegan Food Match