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Valentine’s Day GIF Guide

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Valentine’s Day GIF Guide

Valentine’s Day GIF Guide for the Risk-Averse

Valentine’s Day GIF Guide for the Risk-Averse

Valentine’s Day is a 19.6 billion dollar boost to the economy each year. For many small businesses, they depend on Valentine’s Day to shake off the winter blues, but it’s worth noting the risks these businesses face. With such a small time window in which to perform and highly emotional stakes, it is ultimately a holiday fraught with dangers. So here is our handy GIF Guide to help you avoid some of Valentine’s Day’s biggest risks.

The average American will spend $143.56 on Valentine’s Day. The top 5 categories for Valentine’s Day spending in the United States are:

1) Jewelry

Jewelry such as rings and other sparkly things sure can delight the recipient, but have you considered your exposure? A personal inland marine policy to cover the replacement cost of the ring can help mitigate losses if the item is lost, stolen, or damaged in some other way. [Grease]

Grease Ring Gif

2) Romantic Dinner Out

If you’re just now thinking about a reservation for Valentine’s Day, you’re probably too late. But a romantic dinner out is a wonderful way to have a conversation and look lovingly into each other’s eyes without worrying about the dishes afterward. A win-win! Just be sure to check the reviews on YELP, the sanitation rating, and review their reservation policy before you make that plan. [Easy A]

emma stone yum

3) Flowers

Flowers can be a lovely gift, and red roses are the Valentine’s Day staple of romance. Floral shops count Valentine’s as their second-busiest day, second only to Mother’s Day. That’s a lot of pressure on florists that should carry Property coverage in case their entire stock is ruined by an unexpected power outage, a missed supplier delivery, or a wreck of one of their florist trucks that could end up disappointing a LOT of people. [The Office]

phyllis The Office

4) Clothing

Clothes make a man,…and woman. Buying a beautiful piece of clothing can be a romantic gesture if it’s particularly luxurious like a fur, designer handbag, or a bespoke jacket. Consider a personal schedule to cover any values that are not included in current homeowners coverage. [Addams Family]

adams family dress

5) Candy

Candy is delicious, but when a heart-shaped-box is available in every drugstore you will want to be unique in your sweet gesture. Small, artisanal candy shops may have some amazing and unusual flavors that create some sparks. Just know your loved one’s allergy triggers,…nothing will ruin a night faster than giving chocolate-covered ginger bites that will send your beloved clutching for their epi-pen. [Family Matters]


Other Great Suggestions:

Romantic Candles

Candles are beautiful and really set a mood, but when your attention is diverted elsewhere an unattended candle can be very dangerous indeed. Consider using battery operated candles or just be sure to safely snuff them before you move on to other pursuits. [Young Frankenstein]

Young Frankenstein Candle Burn

Enjoy A Carriage Ride

Experiences are very romantic, but not enough people consider if these special events are properly insured before they hop onboard. We can offer supplemental insurance in addition to General Liability. [Seinfeld]


Take A Class Together

A shared experience is always fun, so long as you’re not a competitive couple. This could be a great way to expand your horizons together. Try something neither one of you have tried before to make sure that you both start at a similar skill level. [Ghost]

Ghost Pottery

Take A Hike

Granted, this would not be everyone’s idea of a romantic date. But pack a picnic, plan a breathtaking view, and you’ve got some real possibilities. This requires some up-front planning and boy-scout preparedness, but as long as you’re hiking on well-traveled, public paths with good weather, you should be fine. [Twilight: Breaking Dawn]

Twilight Run

Go Dancing

A night out dancing can be a wonderfully romantic gesture for the woman in your life. Who cares if you look a little foolish? It’s about having fun! Just be sure not to spring it on her as a surprise, so she can plan the proper shoes. Trust us, just like our chosen mates, some are made for dancing and some are not. Nursing a busted ankle in the ER isn’t anyone’s idea of a romantic evening.  [Frankie and Johnny]

Pacino Frankie and Johnny

Romantic Dinner In

You don’t have to break the bank with all these tips. Sometimes a romantic dinner at home can be just as nice,…especially if you forgo doing the dishes until morning. (For the record, do NOT sit on glass tabletops. Even if they are tempered glass, which is 4x stronger than annealed, they are still not made for THIS stress.) [Sixteen Candles]

SixteenCandles gif

Dazzling Conversation

This one might be the riskiest of all, because it depends on being a truly amazing conversationalist. While it definitely will not break the bank, you might want to have one of the above suggestions in your back pocket,…just in case. [Outlander]

outlander Tell me about family

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