What NCRF Mod Changes Mean For You

//What NCRF Mod Changes Mean For You

What NCRF Mod Changes Mean For You

Starting on April 1st, 2020 – no foolin’ – the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility (NCRF) will be doing away with their complex experience rating (MOD) formulas. So now any previous fleet with 5 or more units that had a MOD, could see a decrease in premium with a new policy! 

If your insured has 5 or more units let JSA take a look at it!

Why is JSA the right fit? For two main reasons: 

  1. We have experience with fleet accounts and good relationships with markets that can write them.
  2. Our Transportation Underwriters have a deep knowledge of the NCRF manual and know the “ins and outs” so you don’t have to.

So give us your fleets – even those with losses – and we can find a market. Even though MODs only affect fleets, JSA can also consider smaller risks! Give Kevin Hutlemyer a call to talk about your risk today!

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