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#1 We are in business because of YOU

We always will be respectful of, and grateful for, the reason we exist: YOU!

Without the opportunity to serve you, we would not be in business.

Thank you for that opportunity.

#2 We write risks your standard companies won’t

We encourage you to place as much of your business as you can with your standard markets. We are here for the times when your insured’s risk falls outside of a standard market. Work with us for those hard-to-place risks.

#3 People you know and trust

Like us, you want to work with people you know and trust, and who work the way you like to do business. Consistency in relationships is important, and we could not be happier that the majority of our team has been with JSA five years or more. Many have been here much longer!

#4 Experienced & credentialed underwriters find solutions

We’ve been at this for a long time and are passionate about service, accuracy, efficiency, and education.

Sound underwriting is key to our relationship with carriers and allows us to serve you more effectively. Our underwriters put their experience and knowledge to work every day to find solutions for your insureds’ needs.

#5 We promise to be responsive

Fast response time is one of the things agents tell us they appreciate most about working with JSA.

Without fail, we will respond to your calls and emails by the end of the day.

If for any reason, you are unable to reach someone, our receptionists gladly will take a message and someone will get back to you by the end of the day.

#6 We enjoy talking with you

When you call us, you speak to real people; never getting lost in a phone tree. We do not have voicemail because we believe we are in a relationship business. We enjoy talking with you and frequently can provide quotes and other information on the phone. If we cannot quote by phone, we are happy to talk you through our online quoting and application tools. Either way, call us before you submit an application so that we can make the process as easy as possible. We’re always available to answer questions about whether we can handle a risk or to help you with other issues, such as forms and coverage questions. 

#7 We issue policies in 24 hours

Having in-house bind authority with many carriers, JSA issues most policies within 24 hours of binding.

#8 And our binding is fast, too

In those few instances where we do not issue the policy, you will receive a written binder within 24 hours of binding. For those policies bound online, you will receive a binder confirmation via email within 15 minutes.

#9 We’re here to help, not compete

You are in the retail business; we’re in the wholesale business.

We are here to help you find solutions for your insureds, strengthening your relationships with them.

We do not market directly to your customers.

#10 Our competitive edge is your advantage

Our long-standing relationships with carriers and their underwriters can give you an edge with your insureds.

#11 You decide who you want to work with

People don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. Our underwriting staff is as diverse as the agents with whom we work.

Get to know our team on a more personal level, even before you speak with them, right from our website. We are confident that one of us fits your style.

#12 Prefer to work online? We’re awesome at that, too.

Our website is designed as a resource and tool for agents.

  • Get a Quote
    Quickly get your own quote for some of our more popular products.
  • Don’t see an online quoter?
    We may still be able to help! Simply visit the New Business Submissions page and upload an application.
  • Request Certificates, Loss Runs, Endorsements, & More
  • Easily request policy services online, including:
    • Certificates
    • Claims
    • Loss Runs
    • Endorsements
    • Cancellations
    • Finance Quotes
  • Create Your Own Marketing Tools
    Would you like to give your insureds a flyer about their risk? You can download one right from our website and customize it with your logo and agency information.
  • Communicate With Us
    Our “Chat Now” feature instantly connects you with a JSA team member for quick questions and assistance.
  • The JSA “Staff Directory”
    This menu lists every team member and even lets you know whether they are currently in the office
  • Visit our “Write With Us” Page
    If you haven’t written with us before, complete our Agency Information document and Producer Agreement through our website
  • Stay On Top of Things
    Our You can also stay aware of what’s happening with us by signing up for our informative emails, or, just play along in one of our fun competitions or contests!

#13 All policies, all accounts are treated equal

We will work just as hard to find you a market for a $500 policy as we will for a $100,000 policy.

Don’t hesitate to call us because you think something is too small. We will never ask you for a volume commitment. Whether you need us once a year or twice a day, we are here for you.

#14 Relax, we’ve got your Renewal handled

Our renewal control system gives you & us peace of mind. We aim to release renewal quotes no later than 30 days before the renewal expiration date, with a few
exceptions, such as when we are waiting on a required application or a company quote.

If we don’t hear from you as the renewal date approaches, you can count on hearing from us a day or so before the expiration date.

#15 We love answering questions

Our team members are the best in the business and consider it an honor to provide answers whenever possible.

Any question you have is worth asking, and if we don’t immediately know the answer, we will find it or connect you with someone who does know.

#16 We deliver on claims

We understand that you need excellent claim service. We know that communicating with you is key to good claims service, and we are committed to keeping you informed as a claim progresses.

#17 You will never pay for our mistakes

If we give you a firm price and the facts don’t change, that’s the price you pay.

If we have made an error, we pay the difference.

#18 Bind anytime, with no money upfront

We do not require money in-hand to bind. If you tell us to bind it, you are responsible for the premium.

It’s as simple as that.

*A few exceptions may apply with Direct Bill policies.

#19 We make paying convenient

We accept several methods of convenient and secure payment. In addition to accepting paper checks, we accept ACH (electronic checks) and credit cards.

We also offer financing.

#20 We have a passion for education

We regularly provide CE programs (in-person & online) at no charge to the agents with whom we work.

We’re also pretty good with social media, sharing helpful, engaging, and fun content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We invite you to follow us and like/share our content.

#21 JSA is here to stay

Long-term relationships and stability are important to you and to us.

As a second-generation family-owned business, we are proud to say that we are here to stay.

We adhere to a conservative business philosophy that ensures that the liquid assets we maintain exceed our financial obligations.