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Our Support Staff

Jamie Livingston, AIC
Jamie Livingston, AICClaims Manager

Jamie grew up in Winter Haven, FL. She enjoys Country music and NASCAR racing.
Tania Call
Tania CallTransportation Processing Manager

Tania is from Wilkesboro, NC and enjoys Bluegrass music.
Diana Assante
Diana AssanteSupport Staff

Diana is from Valle Crusis, NC and enjoys rock music.
Linda Campbell
Linda CampbellSupport Staff

Linda’s hometown is West Palm Beach, FL. Her favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.
Pamela Church
Pamela ChurchSupport Staff

Pamela’s nickname is “Annie Oakley”. Her favorite sports team is the UNC Tarheels.
Loretta Cornett
Loretta CornettSupport Staff

Loretta loves horses and the Dallas Cowboys.
Lona Drake
Lona DrakeSupport Staff

Lona is from Randleman, NC and plays the flute.
Roy DeBord
Roy DeBordBuilding Maintenance & Cleaning
Roy is from Mountain City, TN and makes the BEST Sweet Tea
Valerie Greer
Valerie GreerSupport Staff

Valerie is from Mountain City, TN and plays the piano.
Melisa Hassler
Melisa HasslerSupport Staff

Melisa is from Boone, NC. Her favorite sports team is the Duke Blue Devils.
 Liz Kuentzel
Liz KuentzelAdministrative Assistant

Liz is from Burlington, Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont.
DeLaney Lacy
DeLaney LacySupport Staff

DeLaney is from Pawleys Island, SC. She enjoys listening to Country music and the smell of cut grass.
Jennifer McIntosh
Jennifer McIntoshSupport Staff

Jennifer is from Boone, NC and enjoys listening to anything but Country music.
Kristy Muehleisen
Kristy MuehleisenSupport Staff

Kristy doesn’t enjoy listening to Country music. She also doesn’t remember her natural hair color.
Ann McClure
Ann McClureSupport Staff

Ann enjoys listening to Classic Rock and drinking Cheerwine.
Camille Person
Camille PersonSupport Staff

Camille is originally from Reidsville, NC. Her favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza and Zero candy bars.
Odette Pinske
Odette PinskeSupport Staff

Odette is from Quebec, Canada. Her favorite sport is Hockey.
Missy Schneider
Missy SchneiderSupport Staff

Missy is from Boone, NC. As a child, she dreamed to one day be a waitress at Sonic.
Charmin Stanley
Charmin StanleySupport Staff

Charmin is from Mountain City, TN. She enjoys eating Kit-Kats and vanilla ice cream.
Sherry Truax
Sherry TruaxSupport Staff

Sherry is from Lapeer, MI. Her favorite sports teams are the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers.
Crystal Vannoy, CISR
Crystal Vannoy, CISRSupport Staff

Crystal is from Boone, NC and enjoys listening to Classic Rock.
Jennifer Wallace
Jennifer WallaceSupport Staff

Jennifer is from Marengo, OH. She enjoys eating peanut butter sandwiches and drinking Sprite.