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Florists, Jewelers, and For-Hire Limos

//Florists, Jewelers, and For-Hire Limos

Florists, Jewelers, and For-Hire Limos

This time of year, florists, jewelers, and for-hire driving services are in demand. These businesses face risks that are unique, and JSA has access to markets that can help cover them. Here are just a few of the ways Jackson Sumner & Associates can help provide coverage for these business’ unique risks.



There are over 30,000 flower shops in the US, employing over 80,000 people and generating $6 billion in revenue to the economy each year. While there isn’t a high-risk for theft exposure, they are at the mercy of refrigeration.  In addition to the General Liability and Property policies, Spoilage Coverage can help mitigate losses due to power outages. Depending on the type of delivery service provided, a florist may need commercial auto policies as well.

Jewelry Stores:


There are over 60,000 jewelry stores in the US, employing over 170,000 people and generating $34 billion in revenue each year. They are a risk for theft and burglary due to the high-value and easy portability of their merchandise. A Jeweler’s Block policy supplements standard coverages such as General Liability and Property. It may cover not only finished jewelry pieces but also the stones, precious metals, and property of others entrusted to the insured for repair, resizing or other work.

For an in-depth look at how the E&S business serves jewelry stores, this 5-minute video can help explain aspects of it in more detail:



There are over 1,000,000 for-hire services in the US, employing over 1,000,000 people and generating $26 billion in revenue each year. Limo and black car business represent about 30% of that number. Unlike taxi services, for-hire limo and black car businesses schedule pre-arranged rides with specific pick-up and drop-off locations and usually drive luxury sedans or SUVs. The type of insurance will vary depending on if it’s a sole proprietor driving their own vehicle or a company that has a fleet of cars. Coverage to consider will need to cover passengers as well as risk for a liability claim.

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