Relax, We Have Your RV Risks Covered

//Relax, We Have Your RV Risks Covered

Relax, We Have Your RV Risks Covered

According to Recreational Vehicle (RV) rental site RVshare, which is like AirBNB but strictly for RVs and campers, there has been a 1,000 percent increase in nationwide bookings since April 1st. When lockdowns first began due to COVID-19, both RVshare and dealers across the country saw an influx of requests from medical staff and other front-line workers looking for temporary housing to protect the rest of their family from contamination. As the need for social distancing continues into the summer, many families and travelers are looking for ways to avoid cramped airplanes and crowded tourist locations in favor of more socially-distant options. RVs fit the new normal perfectly.

Many RV dealerships reported a 30% to 50% increase in sales once their areas saw a phased re-opening of campgrounds. Families eager to still have a vacation this summer, and being able to control the travel and lodging accommodations in a more self-contained manner has distinct appeal.

In the past, economists often used RV sales to predict the state of the economy, as an unofficial Consumer Index of sorts because they are largely recreational purchases that rely on financial security and cash flow. When purchases increase, the economy will often largely follow. This time, due to the unique nature of the pandemic, it likely only indicates that people still want leisure time, albeit socially distanced.

JSA can help your insureds with this increased demand by offering GL markets for RV dealers and RV campgrounds, as well as Garage coverages for RV remodelers, service, and roadside repair. And don’t forget the Personal Umbrella coverage for the auto exposure since these vehicles are quite large and may cause more catastrophic damages.

Call up any of our underwriters in P&C, Transportation, or Personal Lines to make sure your customers are covered. So relax, and let JSA take the wheel.

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