TBT – May 1981 Our First Advisory Board

//TBT – May 1981 Our First Advisory Board

TBT – May 1981 Our First Advisory Board

Touching base with our customers with newsletters has always been about more than selling,…it’s about sharing our company values, our personality, and above all, our gratitude. As Wayne’s first letter from the President in this issue of the May 1981 Marketeer newsletter reiterates, “We are here to work for you.” 

In the early days, we utilized an Advisory Board of North Carolina insurance agents which helped us know if the service and quality that JSA provided was on target. We had a rotating roster of Advisory Board members for many years, which helped lay the groundwork for continual improvement that JSA is still committed to today. 

The first agents that served on the board were Staley Garrison of Mast & Garrison Insurance in Burlington; Charles Hoover of Condor, Setzer, Hoover & Associates in Mooresville; and Tom Jones of Poteat Insurance Agency in Hamlet. We even gave out their direct phone numbers if our agents wanted to contact the Advisory Board members rather than contacting JSA with any suggestions or ideas. 

While we no longer have an agent advisory board, JSA is still committed to the belief that “We are in business because of you,” and not the other way around. So if you have a suggestion or a way that you think we could improve, let us know! Give us a call, a live chat, or an email. We promise we are listening. We’re always open to your feedback and suggestions; always have been, and always will be. 

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