Clean Up with CPL for Contractors of All Types

//Clean Up with CPL for Contractors of All Types

Clean Up with CPL for Contractors of All Types

Help All Types of Contractors Dig Into Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) Options

Artisan and Specialty Contractors have some unique risks they face due to the very hands-on nature of their work. Unintentional pollution at the job site is one of these risks, especially if they work with materials that could create risks to the environment or public health. That is why Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) coverage exists.

While Asbestos Abatement and Lead Paint Remediation are often the first contractors that are brought to mind in this type of coverage, those that work with moisture – siding contractors, roofers, plumbers – often have large exposure to consider, as most General Liability (GL) policies exclude mold. Contractors that use paints and solvents, or any contractor that deals with any type of waste product, should consider CPL coverage.

CPL can cover clean up costs, court-ordered damages, legal fees, bodily injury, damage to property, as well as clean up costs due to unintentional pollution. Failure to find the right coverage can leave these businesses open to lawsuits from 3rd parties as well as governmental fines.

Coverages Available: Pollution, General Liability, Professional Liability and Transit Pollution

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