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Liquor Liability   Have a Question? Email us at   View our reader-friendly response below! Dear JSA, Why do I need Liquor Liability if the insured is only selling beer and wine? -Lost about Liquor Liability   Dear Lost about Liquor Liability, This is an easy question, although one I get asked all the time as an underwriter! "Liquor Liability" is the term for [...]

Hurricane Cleanup Coverage

Dear Chris, I’ve got a guy who’s a contractor heading to help with hurricane clean up. Will his policy cover him? Thanks for your help! - Territory Turmoil Dear Territory Turmoil, This is a great question, but unfortunately I can’t give you an easy yes or no answer. If you’re referring to his GL policy, the ISO coverage territory includes the United [...]

Towing vs. Auto Hauling

Dear JSA, Lately we're seeing more towing and auto hauling risks come through our agency, and we're having trouble keeping straight when an insured needs on-hook coverage and when cargo coverage is more appropriate?  Can you help us sort that out? - Troubled About Towing Dear Troubled, No problem! Sometimes it's helpful to have a cheat sheet, so check out this info [...]

Blanket Additional Insureds

Dear JSA, In my agency we disagree about the Blanket Additional Insured endorsement - I believe it extends AI status to other parties who have entered into a written contract with our insured, but does not extend all coverage provisions and policy benefits; others believe the Blanket AI endorsement provides AI status to anyone who requests it, and extends all coverages and policy [...]