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Liquor Liability

https://vimeo.com/253458042   Have a Question? Email us at askjsa@jsausa.com   View our reader-friendly response below! Dear JSA, Why do I need Liquor Liability if the insured is only selling beer and wine? -Lost about Liquor Liability   Dear Lost about Liquor Liability, This is an easy question, although one I get asked all the time as an underwriter! "Liquor Liability" is the term for [...]

Hurricane Cleanup Coverage

Dear Chris, I’ve got a guy who’s a contractor heading to help with hurricane clean up. Will his policy cover him? Thanks for your help! - Territory Turmoil Dear Territory Turmoil, This is a great question, but unfortunately I can’t give you an easy yes or no answer. If you’re referring to his GL policy, the ISO coverage territory includes the United [...]

Business Income Coverage

Dear Chris, I've always been told when writing business income coverage on a 1/3, 1/4, or 1/6 limitation, that the insured will have coverage for 3, 4, or 6 months - is this correct? -Befuddled about Business Income Dear Befuddled, Well, lots of folks think this is the case, but in actuality, the limitations refer to the portion of the total [...]

Towing vs. Auto Hauling

Dear Chris, Lately we're seeing more towing and auto hauling risks come through our agency, and we're having trouble keeping straight when an insured needs on-hook coverage and when cargo coverage is more appropriate?  Can you help us sort that out? - Troubled About Towing Dear Troubled, No problem! Sometimes it's helpful to have a cheat sheet, so check out this info from our [...]

Blanket Additional Insureds

Dear Chris, In my agency we disagree about the Blanket Additional Insured endorsement - I believe it extends AI status to other parties who have entered into a written contract with our insured, but does not extend all coverage provisions and policy benefits; others believe the Blanket AI endorsement provides AI status to anyone who requests it, and extends all coverages and policy [...]

General Liability or Garage Liability?

Dear Chris, Can you please explain the difference between a commercial general liability policy and a garage liability policy? - Leery of Liability Dear Leery, I get this question a lot when company underwriters want to use a commercial general liability (CGL) form to insure a garage operation. For years, we placed all garages, service stations, repair shops, and auto dealerships on a [...]

Bobtail or Deadhead?

Dear Chris, We're writing more trucking insurance these days, but we're having a hard time learning the language. What's the difference between bobtail coverage and deadheading? One reminds me of Jingle Bells, and the other makes me think of Jerry Garcia! Help! Sam in South Carolina Dear Sam, First, I'm proud of you for realizing there's a difference! A lot of [...]